Pilates uses apparatus and mat work to strengthen and stretch the entire body as one balanced unit. The spring-loaded apparatus provides assistance, allowing clients to move through ranges of motion with greater ease and control than possible unassisted. Used in tandem with the apparatus, mat work challenges the strength, stability, and control of your unassisted body, creating successful movement patterns that build confidence and carry over to functional tasks.

At One on Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy, we incorporate Pilates-based exercise into your plan of care from day one. Your program is designed around your individual needs, and your home exercise program will enhance and support the exercises you perform in your physical therapy sessions. Your PMA Certified Teacher will safely transition you to Pilates mat classes, private session, semi-private sessions and/or independent exercise programs as your pain levels and functional mobility allow.

Once you transition to a Pilates program, you will progress from a rehab-based program to a fitness-based program with the goal of fully incorporating Pilates into your regular exercise routine.

Post-rehabilitation Pilates and Pilates for fitness services are available at our sister company:
One on One Physical Therapy. For more information or to register, please click on One on One Pilates.

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