Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy is your physical therapy solution. We provide the most comprehensive and superior level of rehabilitation services in Atlanta, with in-network accessibility-- filling the gap between patient need and affordable care.

We are building on the innovative business model we created with our first Physical Therapy center, One on One Physical Therapy: personalized care and one on one interaction is the most effective treatment plan for our patients. Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy is simply an extension of that successful practice. We provide an affordable alternative without ever sacrificing quality of care.

Our specialized team of physical therapists evaluates your whole person while focusing on the area of injury...that is the core of our philosophy and the key to achieving the ultimate goal of total body wellness.

Physical Therapists at Back 2 Motion are at the top of their profession. Our staff obtains the highest level of training and continuing education available, and stay current with trends in research, providing patients the superior care and treatment they deserve. Areas of specialization include: Manual Therapy, Polestar PilatesTM, Sports Medicine, Spine Rehabilitation and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Back 2 Motion Physical Therapists additionally collaborate with Atlanta's preeminent physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers, and others, to create a unified approach to rehabilitation.

Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy is located in a multi-dimensional health and fitness facility. State of the art equipment is aligned with a healthy and nurturing environment, allowing you to move through treatment with support and comfort.

We are here to help you get back to the life you love...Back 2 Motion.

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