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We are building on the innovative business model we created with our first Physical Therapy center, One on One Physical Therapy: personalized care and one on one interaction is the most effective treatment plan for our patients. Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy is simply an extension of that successful practice. We provide an affordable alternative without ever sacrificing quality of care.

Our specialized team of physical therapists evaluates your whole person while focusing on the area of injury…that is the core of our philosophy and the key to achieving the ultimate goal of total body wellness.

Physical Therapists at Back 2 Motion are at the top of their profession. Our staff obtains the highest level of training and continuing education available, and stay current with trends in research, providing patients the superior care and treatment they deserve. Areas of specialization include: Manual Therapy, Polestar PilatesTM, Sports Medicine, Spine Rehabilitation and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Back 2 Motion Physical Therapists additionally collaborate with Atlanta’s preeminent physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers, and others, to create a unified approach to rehabilitation.

Back 2 Motion Physical Therapy is located in a multi-dimensional health and fitness facility. State of the art equipment is aligned with a healthy and nurturing environment, allowing you to move through treatment with support and comfort.

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What Is a Chiropractor and Where to Find a Chiropractic Netherlands

We live in a world built by science, unfortunately, science is understood by many as a giant pill-popper machine that magically heals your pain, but in fact, it makes you dependent on painkillers. And that is exactly what chiropractic aims to avoid.

Why put our bodies under a scalpel or fill them with drugs when there’s a second alternative? And what do we do when our traditional medical treatment for back pain stops working? Usually, people start taking more painkillers and that makes your body more resistant to them.

Today we would like to talk to you about chiropractic, what it is, how it can help you get over those old joint and muscular injuries, where to find a chiropractic Netherlands and more about this amazing discipline.

What Is Chiropractic?

This is a branch of alternative medicine. You must be thinking “alternative? It surely doesn’t work”, because that’s what the scientific society has been telling us for years, that in order to heal, you have to take pills or get surgery.

The chiropractic is based on folk medicine and bonesetting, both involve general knowledge of our bodies, but with a less invasive approach.

Basically, chiropractic is not completely divorced from traditional medicine, nor it denies the scientific findings; however, it is more focused on the belief that the spine and human general health are related in fundamental aspects and that this bond occurs thanks to the nervous system.

It follows the holistic paradigm of wellness, which essentially means taking into account the person as a whole, instead of just a single part like regular medicine usually does. It can be understood as the way all the fields you develop have an impact in your body, and that that back pain that hasn’t let you sleep for weeks may actually have something to do with your stressing job instead of only damaged vertebras.

And if you think this philosophy is too light or not serious enough, talk to any psychologist you know and ask them about how people’s daily life can somatize into physical pain.

When we mentioned that chiropractic takes very seriously the relationship between the spine and our health, we were quoting D. D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic.

Palmer found out that vertebral joint misalignments, called by himself “vertebral subluxations”, indeed interfered with our body’s regular function and did not allow it to heal itself, like all bodies naturally do.

D.D. was the founder of chiropractic, but his son, B.J., is known as the developer.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

They focus on the neuromusculoskeletal system, and treat it without using medicines and avoid surgery unless it is extremely necessary.

They believe that the body sometimes needs help to heal itself faster or better, but that this help in particular does not have to involve drugs or surgery that will create a new injury and it could take years to fully heal.

A chiropractor focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and the care of spine-related disorders, among other joint and muscular issues.

They perform what we know as “adjustments”, it’s a method developed by B.J. Palmer to treat back and neck pains through the application of force on the affected joints at different speeds. It is a form of spinal manipulation to help it restore its original structural integrity.

The chiropractic adjustment may look and sound a bit scary for people, but according to those who already tried it, it feels like an immediate pain relieve sensation. In this video you can see how an adjustment is done:


As you see from the clients’ smiles, it is a very safe and controlled application of force to a joint that’s been causing some pain to restore its proper function and mobility.

It is a controlled method because it is based on scientific research and clinical experience; they are not using their force blind or pushing your joints randomly. Chiropractors have pretty much the same understanding of the human body as any medical doctor does, they just don’t need pills or surgery to fix it.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care Netherlands?

  1. The first and most obvious benefit is getting rid of joint pain without expensive medical and pharmaceutical bills.

Common issues like neck pain, ear infections, sciatica, scoliosis, headaches, frozen shoulder syndrome and lower back pain can be treated with a chiropractor. But probably the most attractive benefit, besides the economic one, is that you will be attacking the source, not the symptom.

Pain medication tricks your brain to stop feeling the pain, but they are not really fixing   anything. While chiropractic focuses on your nervous system controlling your breathing, reflexes and movements.

  1. Now, if you suffer from a more serious illness related to your bones, joints and or/muscles, chiropractic can be a complementary treatment to avoid filling your body with drugs, and can also function as a faster recovery therapy.

We do recommend to tell your physician you would like to complement your traditional  medicinal treatment with chiropractic, in case there is a small contraception or if it is too soon after surgery to do this.

  1. People often believe chiropractic is a magic formula that works for everyone, but the reality is that is as wide as people. There is no unique treatment that can be applied to everyone, because we all have different lifestyles and we don’t experience pain the same way.

Therefore, chiropractic develops a different approach for every person, in order to attend your specific needs. This is why is so important to tell your chiropractic Netherlands exactly where your pain is located, for how long have you been feeling it and if you have had additional treatments for it.

You may experience some soreness in the area where the adjustment was performed, and some people feel a bit tired after their first chiropractic session, but these are minimal and temporary effects.

It’s like when you exercise after many months of inactivity. Despite the soreness, it is a method that works better and faster than other invasive medical treatments, so if we consider all the benefits it has to offer, seems like a very safe and clever choice.

If you are located in Hague, Netherlands, and you or a family member is in deep need of a professional chiropractor, you can reach The American Chiropractic in The Hague, an association of chiropractic examiners specialized in subluxation.

Their health professionals are honest, communicative and compassionate. Don’t be afraid to get an appointment, even if it’s just to talk about what the problem is, they are always available for you.

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